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John Henry Luton

At First National Bank we do things a little differently. We refuse to compromise on our relationship with the community that has made us who we are today. We believe in treating our customers like the family and neighbors they are. When someone walks into our branch, we want them to leave feeling like they just visited with a group of people that genuinely care about them. In fact, we’ve always strived to operate by the golden rule, treating others as we would like to be treated. While we make it a priority to make available the modern day convenient banking methods, we never want to get away from what has made us stand out from the competition for over 125 years, our relationships with the good people of Hood County.

"We're still doing what we've always done - tending to Hood County. We try to be convenient and modern, but still a hometown bank." - John H. Luton, Chairman of the Board


John Henry Luton





Thank you for choosing First National for your banking needs. Generations of Hood County families have relied on us and you can rest assured we will be here for you. 

Our Pledge to you: We will treat each of our customers with the respect and professionalism we would expect to be given us.  And while we know we may not do all things right every time, perfection is our goal and my expectation. -Sincerely, James G. Hodges President and CEO