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Introducing Verified by VISA

More and more people are shopping from home and making their purchases online. No traveling, no parking, no hassle. It sounds like a great idea, but is it safe? With Verified by VISA, you can make purchases online with added security.

Take the VISA Debit card you already use, add a password to confirm your identity, and you've got Verified by VISA. It's a free service from FNB that helps ensure that only you can use your VISA Debit card online.

Same card, added security online

The security of your VISA Debit card purchases is a top priority. You're always protected against unauthorized purchases made with your card. But now, you can help prevent unauthorized online purchases made with your VISA Debit card before they even happen.

Here's how it works

Verified by VISA is designed to protect the VISA Debit card you already have. So once you activate Verified by VISA:
Your card will be automatically recognized at participating online stores.

  • You'll be asked for your password.
  • Your password will be verified.
  • The transaction will be completed.

Benefits of Verified for VISA

  • Buy online with confidence. By choosing a password you help ensure that only you can make online purchases with your VISA Debit card.
  • Zero liability. Notify us promptly if your card is lost or stolen and you won't be liable for unauthorized use of your card.
  • Free. Verified by VISA is offered at no charge.
  • Special offers and discounts. As a Verified by VISA registered cardholder, you can take advantage of special offers and discounts at participating online stores.

Important tip about choosing your password: For additional security, use a combination of words and numbers for your Verified by VISA password.

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